This self-paced, 5-unit class may be started at any time that you are ready!

This e-class teaches both parents and educators over 250 signs, along with interactive strategies that help beginning communicators during daily routines and leisure activities. This class does not teach ASL grammar, but does teach participants about using sign language with beginning communicators who, for the most part, are hearing.

Signing with young children enhances language development, may increase IQ, enhances the parent/child bond, lessens frustrations and encourages reading skills.

Signing with beginning communicators, whether they are babies, toddlers or individuals with special needs, enhances communication and lessens frustrations. Studies have shown that in child-care centres where sign language is used there are less challenging behaviours and greater staff satisfaction.

Sign language enhances language development by providing visual input to learners, and encouraging caregivers to slow down their speech and repeat more often. Language learners find ASL signs easier to produce than speech and therefore they are able to play with and learn about language earlier, before speech develops.

Familiar songs are taught as well as language development strategies. Vocabulary includes American Sign Language signs related to: people, clothing, verbs, behaviour, emotions, description words, food, toys, places and the outdoors.

EveryDay Sign Class Testimonials

I loved this course and felt the songs were fabulous and the kids loved watching them with me. I liked hearing all the other people and their opinions were nice to hear and it made me feel like everyone was equal regarding the level we were on. - Nicole W.

I'm glad I took this course. It has enriched my life and the lives of my kindergarten students. We will continue to incorporate ASL in our classroom. - Linda W.

Great class! Enjoyed it very much! - Courtney C.

The whole course was great; I truly enjoyed it. I have brought many of the signs and songs to my toddler classroom. The structure and pace was good and the way the signs were introduced was very simple and made it easy to understand. The assignments were helpful in building my knowledge of signs. - Natalie M.

I feel like my comfort level is increasing everyday! I am having so much fun learning signs and then using what I learn with the children I work with. I find myself practicing signs and singing the songs to myself at stoplights! I have also started teaching the songs to some of the kids I work with and they are learning them so quickly. It is exciting to see both the kids and parents get excited about the new signs I am teaching them. - Julie Walker

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Course Information: 

Course title: EveryDay Sign: Using Sign Language EveryDay with Young Children

Credit Hours: 5

Prequesites: n/a

Class Times: self paced

Instructor Information.:

Full name: Sara Bingham

Title: WeeHands Founder & CEO

Office phone number: 905-922-9052


Text, Readings, Materials.

Online presentations and videos

Textbook(s) -- n/a

Supplementary reading (recommended) 

The Baby Signing Book: Includes 350 ASL Signs for Babies and Toddlers by Sara Bingham. Robert Rose; 1 edition (Sep 27 2007). ISBN-10: 0778801632

Course Descriptions/Objectives.

This e-class teaches both parents and educators over 250 signs along with interactive strategies that help beginning communicators during daily routines and leisure activities. This class does not teach ASL grammar but does teach participants about using sign language with beginning communicators who for the most part are hearing.

Course Calendar/Schedule.

  1. Introduction:
    • review of course goals
    • pre-questionnaire
    • introductory discussion
    • an introduction to sign language
    • how to start using sign language with beginning communicators
    • Song: the ABC song
    • unit assignment
  2. People, Home & Feeling Signs
    • review from last class
    • discussion around ways to enhance communication
    • people signs
    • signs for items at home
    • signs for emotions
    • Song: The More Get Get Together song
    • unit assignment
  3. Food and Description Signs
    • review from last class
    • "Using sign language" discussion
    • foods signs
    • Song: Happy Birthday song in ASL
    • unit assignment
  4. Clothing & Playtime Signs
    • review from last class
    • clothing signs
    • playtime signs
    • signs for places
    • signs for location and directions.
    • Song: 
    • unit assignment
  5. Action,  Outdoor and Time Signs
    • review from last class
    • verb and action signs
    • outdoor signs
    • time and seasonal signs
    • Song:
    • unit assignment
    • post-questionnaire

Course Policies.

Class participation -- active participation in our discussion forum under the 'collaboration' menu item is encouraged.

Missed exams or assignments -- you will have three attempts to complete your course assignments. Assignments for one unit must be completed before being allowed to move onto the next unit.

Grading -- you will be evaluated based on your online participation and on completion of assignments per unit.

Available Support Services.

If you have questions regarding signing with young children please feel free to get in touch using any of the following options:



The following certificates are awarded when the class is completed:

WeeHands Certificate of Completion