The 10 unit (10 hours, as of May 31, 2013) for certified and licensed WeeHands Instructors will deepen an Instructor's knowledge of literacy and language development. 3-Star Level WeeHands Instructors have a background in American Sign Language as well as education or child development; have successfully completed our WeeHands Instructors certification that focuses on language, reading & literacy development with children 0-6 years. 3-Star Level WeeHands Instructors teach parents, educators and preschool children and present at conferences and special events; and provide leadership and training to other Instructors.

Required Reading: Dancing with Words: Signing for Hearing Children's Literacy by Marilyn Daniels

There is no fee to this class Licensed WeeHands Instructors who have been certified through our 2-Star Level WeeHands Instructors' Class.


The following certificates are required in order to enroll in this class:

1-Star Level WeeHands Instructors
2-Star Level WeeHands Instructor